Medical – MD/DO/DPM

Medical – Allopathic Medicine (MD) / Osteopathic (DO) / Podiatry (DPM)

*Be sure to check the admissions websites of medical schools of interest for the most updated information.  Details are also listed through the AMCAS application service.

1 year Biology (with labs) – BIO 181/BIO 183 or BIO/ZO 150/ BIO/ZO 160 (no longer offered)
1 year General Chemistry (with labs) – CH 101/102 and CH 201/202
1 year Organic Chemistry (with labs) – CH 221/222 and CH 223/224
1 year Physics (with labs) – PY 211/PY 212 (or PY 205/206 and PY 208/209)
At least one semester Mathematics to include Calculus (one year required by some schools)   – MA 121 (single semester) or 131/231 or 141/241 (1 year)

(In addition to the above minimum requirements, we strongly recommend BIO 212, BIO/ZO 421/426, BCH 351 or 451 and GN 311 or 411.)

Additional Recommendations: ST 311, Speech/Communication, Scientific Writing  (additional English course), Microbiology/Medical Microbiology, Histology, Immunology, Cell Biology, Endocrinology, Neurobiology

At least one PSY/SOC class and possibly an ethics class

**Please check with individual schools for additional requirements – please check NCSU Course Equivalents page to see what NCSU courses transfer to each school for pre-reqs at Transfer Course Equivalents